To begin with, Petrikor, is a Greek word that combines “ichor” which is the “ethereal essence” the Greeks believed flowed through the veins of their gods, and “petros”, the stones that form the surface of the Earth.
Biologically speaking, plants ooze some kinds of oil to maintain their survival during the dry periods. Upon rain, these oils are freed into the air as well as some soil-swarming bacteria giving birth to the aromatic and wonderful scent called Petrikor.So basically, Petrikor symbolizes challenges, changes and survival, which announces its arrival and victory by spreading a breathtaking scent. Just like the phoenix rises back from the ashes, we are a group of widely experienced people in software development, design, sales and digital marketing, who experienced bad luck in previous encounters and are definitely rising back much stronger and fiercer. We summoned up our forces and decided that it’s time for a CHANGE!The time has come for a brilliantly managed company to emerge, given the fact that our unimpeachable employees are the company’s key assets who ensure that clients are at the top of priorities at all times.
Indeed, we are well aware of all the struggles we will be facing, however those will be the battles we are willing to fight for in order to change these established conceptions to succeed and highlight our brilliance among our competitors.We are firm believers that we can offer remarkable, affordable and outstanding services to SMEs compared to what is currently available.


To prompt the invasion of technology and digital presence to reach all sectors and company sizes no matter how small it may be so that simplicity, through technology, would occupy every corner of every business. We’re talking Websites, Mobile Apps, and Digital Marketing.
Every business in every sector will soon be relying primarily on social media and online platforms to market and boost their work and generate leads. We’re heading to be a creative agency that creates solution architecture for our clients and works towards executing and achieving their plans and visions relying on our digital services.


We’re entering this business bearing in our minds and holding a mission that it is the time to change how the internal management and the quality of the offered services as well as the relationships with the clients are handled.
Our company relies on the contributions of creative and innovative employees who are willing to defy the odds and be a part of a start-up success storyOur employees are the backbone of the company. Respecting, valuing and highlighting their efforts, initiatives and contributions are the very essence of our management strategy. We focus on creating future leaders in order to build a one of a kind solid company who would attract only smart and innovative individuals who would give their all for their place in our compelling clanWe offer an irreproachable quality of services to all sorts of SMEs. We provide affordable yet sophisticated software and marketing solutions to SMEs, and make sure that they are granted different types of Software and Web services (software development, hosting, marketing, and maintenance) that are exclusively tailored to fit their needs and resourcesWe established an extraordinary Customer-Care-Culture where each customer is granted all the time needed to explain and convey the ideas as well as apprise us of the needs and expectations. We handle things as if they’re our own, that’s the kind of dedication we invest in our clients. We manage everything right from the start to the very end and everything in between regarding day-to-day tasks, analysis, evaluations etc. in ways that ensure the client’s ultimate satisfaction.


Take it personal: We edify ourselves about our clients, stand in their customers’ shoes, find the bridge between them

Truth AND Dare: Honestly but not bluntly, we’ll highlight your shortcomings and touch the sore spots, and we’ll dare to treat these spots under any situation, roll up our sleeves and get to work to help you succeed and support your growth plans and visions

Passion oriented: We do what we love, it’s always satisfying to be part of a success story, and we’ll always learn new tactics and methodologies that help us create yours.

Keep it fun: whether it’s light or dark humor, our clients and their customers need it, we’re all exposed to everyday stress, and a break is always welcome!

Be unique. Be genuine: No clients are alike. Every client deserves to have his own crafted solution which reflects his real image