Social Media Management Services

Petrikor will closely examine each and every aspect of your business, highlight your specialties and strengths, put ourselves in your customers’ shoes, then and only then we come up with a comprehensive social media strategy to reach, communicate and engage with a specific audience in an endeavor to reach potential leads and turn them into loyal customers and even brand advocates!

We design your social media posts in a strategic way; these posts should be visually appealing, tell a story and certainly induce some emotions!

And most of all, forming a sequence that align with your business objectives and the messages you want to deliver to your audience. Speaking of expected organic results, our clients will start to observe during the first quarter, that a solid fan base is taking shape, as well as an increase in engagement rate, and eventually generating more leads and sales.

Social Media Engagement Report

Petrikor will manage your social media business profiles in a professional way

Petrikor Posts

It’s always better to centralize your efforts on optimizing every offline aspect of your business, thus Petrikor will handle your social media business’s profiles, and grant you online privilege over your competitors.

Once you hire Petrikor, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get on to:

  • Build a content strategy and prepare a calendar with scheduled posts, each with its type, description and recommended budget
  • Build an authentic fan base through communicating your customers’ needs using promotional, informative and even entertaining content
  • Humanize your brand through engaging with loyal customers, and providing support & customer service
  • Drive more website traffic, optimize specific landing pages and retarget website visitors using remarketing strategies
  • Develop reputation and credibility through optimized online exposure, reviews and conversations