Why Every Business Should Have a Website

Why Every Business Should Have a Website

A website is basically the preface of any business

You’d most probably visit a website to know what a certain business is doing and take a general preview of their services and products.

Since everything is digitalized nowadays, having a website to your business is only to your advantage as it emphasizes your online presence/visibility & in return provides countless benefits and costing outlines.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a huge company, you can find plenty of reasons to have a website. The most important and agreed on reasons all over the internet are:


Accessibility for everyone at all times:

From a customer perspective, visiting a website at any time from any point in the world is more convenient. It is way easier than roaming around from one place to another in search for a specific product or service.


Having a website gives your business the ability to break through geographical barriers and by consequence you market expands.


Educate your customers:


In today’s competitive environment, customers demand more information about your products and services. You, as a business owner, should deliver this educational content in an accurate and attractive way. FAQs, Blogs, Tutorials and many other helpful content are the best methods to clearly present and explain your business.



Well, let me ask you how many times you searched the internet prior to buy a product to make sure of its credibility. How many times you cancelled a purchase just for being a little leery.


Having a website creates a great opportunity for the customers to trust the business and then recommend it. By building a website, you’re building your online reputation which is, at the end of the day, the only reputation that lasts.



You think that starting or upgrading a business would take a lot of time, effort and money. It is true, but what about marketing your business? Trust me it isn’t any easier neither feasible when it comes to saving money and time.


If you choose to advertise with a website, you’ll find a lot of marketing opportunities, provided by the big names like Google and Facebook, with the minimal effort and guess what, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Actually, the online presence, alone, is capable to multiply your potential clients and amplify your business existence in the market.


This is why it’s crucial to have a website especially in days like ours, where online presence has dominated absolutely everything.

Because of the big impression the website could give about your business, you have to take care of one more little thing: your website should resemble your business and uplift its image not the opposite.

We, at Petrikor Solutions, make sure that your vision is well met by developing a tailored website that could actually provide your customers with all the knowledge they need, and that is ready to implement your internet marketing plan.

We develop the websites in a way that guarantees the best images preview, in terms of resolution and quality. And that’s within the minimum period of time. This consequently determines the success of your sales and marketing efforts and ultimately impacts your bottom line.


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