Why Are Videos So Important in Digital Marketing?

Why Are Videos So Important in Digital Marketing?

Have you ever wondered why videos or the film industry is such a lucrative business?

Even though these are tragic movies, I have seen the Titanic and the Notebook about fifty times in my lifespan & I don’t think this will change anytime soon. We as humans are drawn to tragedies. Being a movies junkie, I find myself always compelled to watching videos that trigger tears. I can proudly say that I am a tragedy addict, just like many people, I’m sure. Whenever I hit the movies store, I tell the guy that I want some hardcore tearjerkers because I WANT TO FEEL GOOD!


You might find that somewhat peculiar however this actually roots back to neurobiology. It reminds me of the Lebanese sense of empathy. Usually when someone is in a really bad situation, they are often referred to another shittier situation to insinuate how lucky they are. “Oh you have meningitis.. Well, at least you don’t have cancer, thank God.” Hmmm yup, that’s the Lebanese style. Oddly enough, this comparison actually reflects a therapeutic technique in which patients are asked to imagine themselves in a worse situation to feel better about their own life. Turned out that upon watching sad movies, the brain releases Oxytocin which triggers happy feelings. Crazy sh*t, I know right?!!

In case you’ve seen the Titanic..

and when you’re done with your the crying-spree, you must have ran into the arms of your loved one and held them so close to your heart while you still have them. And for those of you who are gloriously single, having a taco or a jar of Nutella is equally satisfying & has the same effect on the brain. *squeals*
So, when watching a movie, certain sections in the brain are activated and those sections are responsible for processing visual & sensory inputs. After that, our brains tend to individualize the information in an emotional manner triggering feelings of happiness & empathy. This is what I like to call cinema therapy.

But how is this related to Digital Marketing?

Here’s the thing, just like our late Maya Angelou had said “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” And since humans are emotion-driven creatures, tickling their senses with a marketing video will actually do the trick & urge them to buy whatever you’re selling.
Truth is each person digests content in a different manner, but it’s been proven that brain absorbs more information when it’s visually fed to it. In other words, it reacts better when it’s exposed to a visual content rather than a page full of words. It’s easier to recall what you’ve seen than what you’ve read. And since humans are another version of sloths, (given their indisputable laziness) so that tendency to mental laziness automatically encourages us to consume video and information that is easier to process.

This is clearly the smarter option for marketing if you want your brand to reach a broader audience. I’m just saying…

Furthermore, in an era of technological dominance, social media is certainly a ferocious driving factor. Social media is the KING when it comes to marketing. The easiest medium to share all sorts of content, especially videos is social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. you wouldn’t have to spend a lifetime trying to get your messages through. With a good video content, you wouldn’t need a marketing department, people on the Internet will do the job for you!!

Moreover, due to the people’s morbid engulfment in mobile devices, it rendered it easier for businesses to promote video content. Mobile phones are within people’s reach at all times the thing that ensures reaching audience anywhere and at any time. Mind you, the higher the views the higher the chances of conversion rates.
Videos allow people to share emotions, and when people share emotions they’re more likely to make a purchasing decision. This way, your brand will come to life enabling you to promote your business. People usually connect with brands that make them feel something, this connection leads to trust and loyalty.

It is noteworthy that even Google will help your page get better ranking when you incorporate a video content in the landing page of the website. Indeed with Google analytics, you can track detailed information in order to target audience making it easier for you to create a video content as it becomes predictable.
Use data like which videos get the most play time, which videos promote higher click-through-rates, and which videos seem to generate the most sales.

Knowing this information and incorporating it into your other marketing content will ensure audience engagement because you are providing content that answers their questions and satisfies their demands. Video analytics can help put you in the lead in your industry. Who wouldn’t want that?!
Creating a video content will definitely boost your engagement with the audience and help you generate more leads and customers.

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