The World Would Be a Terrible Place without Social Media

The World Would Be a Terrible Place without Social Media

Ever since I was a small child, my relationship with dad has been the center of my life. He isn’t just a parent, he is my best friend, my supporter, my secret keeper and my guide, to literally everything in my life. I wouldn’t be where I am now, if it weren’t for him. Several years ago, I traveled to the other side of the planet on my own. Leaving mom & dad was perhaps the hardest part ever, especially dad. Not being able to kiss him good morning & good night everyday was somewhat gut-wrenching. This would have been suffocating, had it happened a few years prior to the social media‘s existence.

However, to my advantage, I’m not that old, and the technological advances were at the peak. That mede it easier to connect with my parents and lessen the weight of separation. I skyped with them the entire time & took them to every place I’ve visited. I really felt that they were with me all the time. All the miles that separated us faded with the help of technology & Internet. What I’m saying is that social media platforms connect people.

I’m guilty of excessively using modern technologies, Internet and all sorts of social media platforms. My dad now accuses me of being addicted to social media which, to a certain extent, is true. But here’s the thing: I don’t mal-use it. If anything, I use it to my advantage, meaning that I use it in a way that makes me spend my time in a beneficial way.
I read a lot. So I download countless e-books on my phone. This way I can read anywhere at any time, without the burden of carrying them around with me from one place to another.
Moreover, with my hectic schedule, and everyone else’s I’d say, it gets really hard to actually go shopping. This where technology, once again, comes in handy. You could virtually visit many stores, and examine products & read reviews about them without even getting off your couch.

Marketing on social media, today, is a cornerstone for every successful business. Allow me to elaborate. When it comes to businesses, an online presence & exposure is exceptionally crucial. Instead of spending 8-9 hours a day trying to boost your business’s our recognition, you could spend as little as 8 hours A WEEK to get that done with a very little cost. About 97% of businesses declared that social media networks helped them acquire massive amount of exposure that resulted in the growth & expansion of their companies. Airbnb, for instance, increased their followers by 341% with the Instagram campaign they did. Their marketing strategy is so solid that their website became a reference for many travelers and tourists. That’s through posting images and videos of cities & properties on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. That’s digital marketing done right!

social media's existence -Airbnb
social media-Airbnb

Even though the positive impact of social media platforms has been proved on businesses, still most marketers don’t know exactly how to use the right tools to get the most out of it. But we most certainly do know how! We, at Petrikor, can introduce you to many marketing channels on the social media to help you build and grow a successful business. With us, you can guarantee a significant increase of your business’s visibility that will consequently increase your brand’s recognition due to a broad audience’s exposure.

How to make that happen through social media?

By the correct exposure, the right platforms & tools, and the right time you’ll be shocked with the results. Indeed, with Facebook, for example, you’ll be able to reach most people. With shares, likes, comments, this simple interaction will increase brand awareness & help you build the reputation you’ve been longing to have. A large group of people will be able to see & engage with every post you share, thus, making them potential customers. The more the engagement, the better the outcome.

Moreover, an online presence will attract more people that are out of your loyal customer circle, something you need to ensure the growth of your business. This is why social media is an important factor for your marketing strategy. A social media portal is a chance to let people get to know you more & familiarize with your products & services, which is an opportunity to acquire new customers. I, myself, have fallen for it & I don’t regret a thing. While browsing Instagram, I have seen many sponsored accounts & I’ve dealt with them & absolutely loved it. I’ve bought beautiful handmade notebooks, jewelry, and even food.

So in essence..

Spreading quality content on more than one social media platform reaches people from different backgrounds and behaviors targeting all tastes and needs. But that shouldn’t be done haphazardly. Digital marketing on social media should be strategic and we can do that for you. For example, focusing on SEO is essential to achieve higher ranking in search results page & dragging organic traffic to your website. However, social media (apart from Google+) doesn’t directly affect search engine rankings, but it will have a significant impact eventually.

A study has confirmed that, about 66% of marketers noticed lead generation benefits by using social media platforms. We ensure to put your brand in the spotlight. People could share, like, and talk about your business, thus improving the conversion rates on your existing traffic. Petrikor, opens the gate for your business to ring a bell in the minds of versatile customers all around the globe. Social media networks are now at the basis of every marketing strategy. Such cost-effective resource is missing out on a remarkable marketing opportunity. Don’t waste your chances, we’re here to help you!

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